Thursday, March 24, 2011

Federal Home Loan Bank offers Grants up to $7,500

First Time Buyers in Maryland can get a grant up to $7,500 from The Federal Home Loan Bank in Atlanta for the purchase of a primary residence. Certain conditions must be met:

  • Applicants must complete home ownership counseling.
  • Sellers can help with closing costs.
  • The underlying mortgage will be a FHA or USDA loan.
  •  Buyer must bring $500 or 20% of the grant amount, whichever is greater.  
  • Buyer must agree to remain in residence for 5 years or partial recapture of the grant will apply.
  • Family income cannot exceed 80% of the areas median income. ($82,200 in Baltimore County).

Only a limited number of lenders are offering the program and funds are limited. Call Bob McGee at Advance Realty Timonium at 410-560-4574 for info on qualifying income in other counties and the name of a participating lender or email me at

Government Offers Attractive Financing on Foreclosed Homes

Fannie Mae, the giant mortgage lender that was taken over by the government last year, is awash with foreclosed property that it needs to liquidate. It has announced a new loan program for foreclosed homes that it owns that has some unique features:

  1. Homes are listed at a price designed to result in a quick sale.
  2. Many homes are in excellent condition and require little or no work.
  3. Low down payment of 3%
  4. Up to 3.5% closing cost help from Fannie Mae
  5. No appraisal required.
  6. No mortgage Insurance.
  7. The contract price is negotiable.
  8. The 3% down payment can come from a gift or grant.
  9. Only $500 deposit money at contract.
  10. Additional funds available for light renovation if needed.
  11. Prospective owner occupants are given a 15 day “First Look” after the property is listed. 

Monitoring, Improving and Repairing your Credit for the Purpose of Obtaining a Home Mortgage

In the aftermath of the mortgage meltdown, the management of your credit profile is more important than ever.  The standards for the approval of all forms of credit have tightened necessitating that consumers pay close attention to their credit records and credit scores.

What is a Credit Score:  Sometime called a FICO score, this is a mathematical number that is computer generated that attempts to measure the degree of risk associated with your creditworthiness.  There are three competing credit reporting agencies and each has their own unique algorithm but the mechanics of each is very similar.